Swedish Yuletide (English)

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Save the date December 9, 2017

Swedish Yuletide – The SWEA Fair and Holiday Celebration

Cyclorama/The Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street, Boston

10am – 4pm
Admission $10, children under 13 free

Lucia Pageants at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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For more information email: swedishyuletide[at]sweaboston.org


Swedish Yuletide SWEA Boston

As we in Boston are celebrating Swedish Yuletide this Nobel Day, December 10, the 2016 Nobel laureates are being honored at Stockholm Konserthuset and at the following gala dinner at the magnificent  Stockholm City Hall.

The Nobel Museum and the Swedish Institute has shared Nobel information with Swedish Yuletide.

Swedish Yuletide

HR_tomtar_04Since 1986, SWEA Boston has hosted Swedish Yuletide to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season with foods, crafts, gifts, Swedish cafés, musical entertainment, and activities for children. This annual event attracts thousands of visitors and is the largest Scandinavian event in New England. The fair enables SWEA Boston to provide yearly donations for to Swedish and Scandinavian organizations and events as well as an annual scholarship to American women who wish to study or pursue a project in Sweden. For more information, click here.

Swedish Yuletide offers a smorgasbord of both traditional and contemporary Sweden. Visitors can enjoy Nordic style sandwiches, Swedish meatballs and waffles in the many cafés and, of course, glögg, the hot spicy beverage of the season. Unique gifts and designs are available to view or purchase through SWEA and the many vendors, such as home accessories, clothing, jewelry, Sami crafts, books and other extraordinary gifts. Foods and baked goods are also available to bring home.

The Swedish Christmas Tradition

lucia_03Christmas in Sweden is a special time of year. The weather might be cold and gloomy with not much daylight, but the Swedes remain in good cheer by beginning celebrations with the start of Advent, four Sundays before Christmas. One candle is lit every Sunday to mark the coming holiday. Or by attending a Lucia procession on December 13.

What is Lucia?

lucia_02Lucia is the celebration that takes place in Sweden on the year’s darkest day, December 13 – the shortest day according to the old calendar, i.e. before 1753.

Lucia, the Queen of Light, wears a white dress with a red sash and a crown of candles on her head. She leads a procession called “Luciatåg” where she is accompanied by several young attendants, also dressed in white with candles in their hands. They perform seasonal songs and bring coffee, ginger breads and saffron buns. But most importantly, they bring light amid the long and dark winter. To many, the highlight of Swedish Yuletide is the traditional Lucia procession. The children of Svenska Skolan (the Swedish School of Boston) participate together with Swedish students and au pairs under the direction of Jenny Bonham Carter.

The Swedish Yuletide’s Lucia procession takes place at 11.30 am and 2 pm.

Music, music …!

There will be entertainment on the stage all day long –
Accordionist Dan Mackowiac; the SWEA Singers lead by Eva DiLascio; Berklee College of Music students performing holiday and contemporary Swedish tunes organized by Elise Hybbinette; and much more!


Kaffestugan – The Swedish Café

Swedish Yuletide also offers customary foods – visitors can enjoy Swedish meatballs, shrimp and salmon sandwiches, cakes and waffles in several cafés, and, of course, glögg, the hot spicy drink of the season. Food and baked goods from the Swedish Crown Bakery in Worcester will be served but also available for purchase to bring home. And of course all the foods, pastries, cookies, cakes imaginable.

Directions and Transportation

Event Parking

Event parking Swedish Yuletide 540 Harrison Avenue $10 (cash only).


Illustration by
Margareta Bergman






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